What would your life look life if:

Every time a roadblock or a challenge appeared you were able to quickly find a solution that allowed you to move forward (rather than causing you to get stuck)?

In that moment of hesitation — just before you pick up the phone or ask for the sale – rather than letting fear or doubt creep in and hold you back, you invited the spirit of confidence and excitement that brought you to that moment in time?

What would your life look like if, despite what others may say about you (or what you think they think about you), you always remembered the greatness of who you really are, who you choose to be?

You may be thinking “Nancy, that’s easier said than done”  or, “That’s easy for you, but you don’t know what I’ve been through” and you’re absolutely right on both counts.  It is easier said than done and I don’t know what you’ve been through.   It is much easier to say things than do them, and it is in the doing that the magic happens.

While I don’t know what you’ve been through, I do know what I’ve been through.  What I do know is how I’ve managed my own fears, challenges and obstacles on an ongoing basis to consistently create the life that I truly want to live.  I could certainly share a long list of my disappointments, financial challenges, struggles and broken hearts, but would that really matter?  We’re all faced with ups and downs on this journey and as my mentor, John Maxwell says:  “It’s not what happens to you that counts, it’s what happens in you.”

What I do know and how I manage to maintain my strong spirit filled with faith, passion and purpose is that the gift of the shift from fear and doubt occurs in a split second of awareness of what is really happening.

What is really happening when fear or doubt show up?  What’s happening is that we’ve forgotten who we are, who we are capable of being and instead let our perception of the past or a fearful projection of the future cloud our vision of what’s really possible when we remember who we are … powerful CREATORS!

What is really happening when a challenge or roadblock occurs?  What is really happening is that it’s an opportunity to stretch yourself.   It’s an invitation to look at the roadblock and find a way around and through it so you can get to the other side … the place you want to be.  It’s an opportunity to become empowered by your ability to source a solution, engage others in helping you do so and to build your confidence.

Remember who you are and all that you can be when you slip on your Wonder Woman (or Superman) suit and greet the world with enthusiasm and excitement in sharing your super powers with others!

Remember to reinforce your belief in yourself as a powerful creator on a daily basis.  Here’s a free gift for you to support you in doing so.  (audio download) “7 Step System to be a Powerful Creator” go to:  http://wpnglobal.com/creator




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