You’ve seen the ripple effect that a pebble thrown into a lake has, one small pebble creates a ripple effect throughout the lake.  The energy of the pebble goes way beyond the initial splash into the water.  Have you ever stopped to consider the ripple effect that your own energy and attitude carry into the world?  We often hear that attitude is everything as it pertains to success and creating the results you want in business and in your own life, but what isn’t discussed as often is the effect your attitude has on everyone and everything around you.

As Founder of WPN Global Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN Global) I have the privilege of networking and working with entrepreneurs and business women who understand the importance of a positive mental attitude and who are committed to engaging in conversation, study, seminars and workshops that support them living and continuously creating their best lives.  In January one such woman attended our Level Up Workshop creating a ripple effect that is reaching around the globe.  Shelley Mitchell came to the Level Up event and her vision for her own life, as well as the extraordinary possibilities that exist for her son were re-ignited and through WPN Global she found a community that would continue to inspire and support her.  Shortly after the Level Up Workshop, Shelley brought her 16 year old son, Caleb, to a business workshop we co-hosted with Loral Langemeier in February 2013.  Caleb, was introduced to a world where anything is possible, where he was reminded that he is meant for greatness, where he learned the business skill sets for sales and marketing, and just 2 short months later, he launched his website (, has written a book, 7 Days to Understanding Your Teen, and is committed to bridging the communication gap between parents and teens!  Wow!  Talk about a ripple effect!!!  This Saturday, April 27th in Delray Beach, FL Caleb  is appearing as a business speaker at “A Day to Remember” for Teen Girls and the Women Who Love Them, being hosted by Rev. Laurie Ann Leach (another WPN Global Member) and  whose vision is to instill in all children the importance of who they are and what they can become.  (“A Day to Remember” will feature Drew Ryniewicz, The X Factor Singing Sensation, who was introduced to Rev. Leach through another ripple effect created by The Sensational Guy, Duane Cummings — more about that ripple another day.  CLICK HERE to see Drew’s performance at WPN Global’s Women Networking 5th Annual Prosperity UN-Conference.)

What is your ripple effect?

When you answer the phone at your office are you greeting the person on the other line with eager anticipation of the news they have to share with you?  (Or are you annoyed by the interruption and carrying that energy into the conversation?)

When you go to the grocery store are you taking time to be thankful for the people who stocked the shelves who make it so easy for you to get your food, the truck driver who is away from their family for extended periods of time, the farmer who grew the crops, the person who works in the canning department and then arriving at the checkout line thankful for the people who ring you up, sort and bag your groceries and then take them to the car for you?  (Or are you busy talking on your cell phone, posting pictures to Facebook, tweeting, texting or lost in your head thinking of all the other things on your to do list?)

When you finish with your work day do you greet your family and friends with joy and gratitude for having them in your life?  (Or are you unknowingly bringing remnants of a stressful day into their lives as well?)

When we pause to consider that each action we take and each word we speak has energy that is sent out into the world and impacts everything and everyone around us, it reminds us of the responsibility we have to do our best to create a positive ripple effect through our words and actions.  As I wrap up this week’s post I wonder ….

“What is the ripple effect this article will have?”

Coming to the WPN Level Up Workshop in January 2013 left a huge ripple effect on Shelley Mitchell. Do you want to explore it for yourself? Turn your 2013 dreams into reality at our June WPN Global Level Up Workshop.

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Nancy Matthews is a Speaker, Author and Business Advisor, who combines her 30 years of business savvy and creative ingenuity with her intuitive understanding of people. She engages and entertains audiences while providing practical solutions to their daily life and business challenges. She is known as the “Visionary with Guts” for her persistence in going for her goals and dreams despite apparent obstacles or challenges. In addition to her speaking engagements and coaching programs, Nancy is the CEO and Founder and serves on the Board of Directors of Glorious Being (501)(c)(3) ( Contact: (800) 928-6928. To learn more about Nancy

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