Have you ever noticed that when you’re happy you don’t fight or get into arguments?  During my morning routine of getting quiet, connecting with my heart’s desires and thinking about the feelings and experiences I want to bring into the world today, I had one of those big moving “Ah-Ha” moments.

My personal mission statement is to be an expression of love, to add value to the lives of every person I meet and use my gifts and talents to support others in realizing and expressing their own heart’s desires.  My “Ah-Ha” moment this morning was in recognizing that my purpose as expressed through my business of coaching and consulting is at it’s core for the purpose of helping people feel self-fulfilled so that they can share their love with each other more easily, and that’s when it hit me … Happy People Don’t Fight!

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “hurt people hurt people” and more likely than not, you have experienced this yourself.  Whether you’ve been the person who felt hurt and lashed out against another, or you’ve been on the receiving end of another’s expression of being hurt or angry.  When we are experiencing emotions of fear, doubt, worry or anger those feelings are expressed through our thoughts, words and deeds.  Sometimes they are manifested by hurting ourselves and sometimes by hurting others.

Similarly, when we are experiencing emotions of love, joy and gratitude those feelings are expressed through our thoughts, words and deeds.  When we are able to stay connected to these positive emotions we become an expression of them and as a result we are happy people.  Imagine a day where all you encountered was happy people – people who are grateful to be alive, confident in sharing their ideas and feelings with you because you are the pure expression of love, acceptance and non-judgment.  You know that by being open and receptive to learning, discovering and growing; and committed to being an expression of love through your unique gifts and talents that you are an integral part of this tapestry of life where we come together in this moment in time and space.

I invite you to now pause and release any feelings of fear, worry or doubt … those emotions are all based upon past occurrences which you are projecting into your future.  Stop and look for what’s really happening in this present moment, what do you have to be grateful for?  Your home?  Your dog? Your children? Your shoes?  Take inventory of all you do have, both physical possessions as well as your non-physical possessions – love shared with family and friends, joy and creativity expressed through art, music, movies and your own expression of love and creativity in the world.  (Check out my free download on How to Tap Into Your Intuition or Dream Board Secrets to support you in connecting with your heart’s desires.)

So in this morning’s meditation I realized there’s a bigger purpose in store for me.  Sure I show people how to build a business and make money, but what I’m really doing is helping people get happier in their lives (and when you have money it tends to release some fears and worries and make you happier).  My job is to help create lots of happy people so that the world can heal because … Happy People Don’t Fight!

To wrap up this post and inspire you to feel happy today … enjoy this classic from Bobby McFerrin

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