(A Retro Post from March 2012)

Tonight I’ll be reveling at the Atlanta kick off for The Wrecking Ball Tour of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  The excitement coursing through my veins is electrifying and my energy and spirit are at an all time high!  Many have asked (and you may be wondering too) … “Why do you go to see his shows over and over again? Why would you be willing to drive to Atlanta from Fort Lauderdale, then back home and over to Tampa?  Are you crazy?  What is it?”

Some people think I have a crush on Bruce and want to marry him … that’s not it. Some people think I just love the music (which I do) … that’s not it. Some people think I’m just nuts (and I may be) … but that’s not it either.

As I reflect upon my 40 year history and experience with Bruce Springsteen I realize that what “IT IS,” is that he has been my source of personal development, hope and opportunity since my teenage years.  Through the years his songs have always represented the voice of the average American.  They reflect the duality of the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” where life is hard people can get stuck and stopped, and “The Land of Hope and Dreams” which we can get to by getting on board the train where dreams will not be thwarted and where faith will be rewarded.

It’s not always easy to get on board the train, there are obstacles, fears and challenges that will try to block us and it takes courage, faith and perseverance to get on board.  Bruce himself has demonstrated the courage and perseverance it takes to step out of the darkness and get on board the train to step into his own light.  Going against the wishes of his parents and mainstream society in not becoming a lawyer or a doctor and instead “Always walking around with that god-damned guitar.”  I for one am grateful for the courage he has had to follow his own path and in doing so   has led the way for others to do the same.

As a college freshman in 1978 I eagerly awaited the release of Darkness on the Edge of Town and listened to it over and over again, memorizing the lyrics, the music and the movement of the songs and incorporating the message of the “Promised Land” and rising above these “Badlands” into my spirit.   Looking back now, I realize that Bruce Springsteen was my first motivational teacher and that he has been teaching, inspiring and causing me to reflect and grow with the release of each record and during each unique live performance.

Having seen Bruce and the band over 50 times through the years, one of my favorite experiences at the shows has always been watching the way Bruce responds and reacts to the audience and creates an experience for us every single time.  I have often had tickets behind the stage (as I do tonight) and from that vantage point get to experience the audience response to the evening.  Feeling and watching the waves of emotions that will be evoked by Bruce’s unique story-telling ability, as he takes us on a journey tonight .  His latest album, Wrecking Ball, describes the anger, frustration and desperation that Americans are feeling … the 99% and in true Bruce Springsteen style, he does not leave us there.  He invites us to get on board this train which can take us to the Land of Hope and Dreams.

Are you ready to get on board?  It may be dark where you are right now, you may be feeling the anger, frustration and the desperation and not know what to do next.  What’s next is to believe..as Bruce teaches in “Promised Land”

“The dogs on main street howl ‘cause they understand if I could take one moment into my hands. Mister I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man, and I believe in a promised land.”

Take this moment into your hands, believe in a promised land that you can have what you want and get on board the train to the land of hope and dreams.  Grab your ticket and your suitcase and get on board. **Be sure to join me every Wednesday morning for a FREE Tele-Class — your midweek shot of Motivation, Education and Inspiration.  Go to http://wpnglobal/wow to register and feel the Power of WOW Wednesdays!

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Nancy Matthews is Speaker, Author and Business Advisor, who combines her 25 years of business savvy and creative ingenuity with an intuitive understanding of people.  She teaches the mindset and marketing strategies that allowed her to grow from a mixed up little girl from Brooklyn, a struggling single mom living paycheck to paycheck into a successful business owner, proud parent, respected leader and sought after speaker.  Known as the “Visionary with Guts” for her persistence in going for her goals and dreams despite apparent obstacles or challenges, Nancy works with individuals and organizations to support them in realizing their goals.  Author of Visionaries with Guts, creator of the highly acclaimed Receiving Your Riches Course, Nancy has been featured several times on NBC and The John Tesh Radio Network, as well as having shared the stage with some of today’s leading experts on business and transformation.   In addition to her speaking engagements and coaching programs, Nancy is the CEO and Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, an organization that is redefining networking and professional development for women, and serves on the Board of Directors of Glorious Being Center (501)(c)(3), which is developing a self-sustainable home for 100 orphaned children in Ghana, Africa.  Visit her website:  NancyMatthews.com to receive a free gift to support you in living your best life.

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