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Event Hosts & Promoters: Nancy's authentic, engaging, and entertaining style resonates with a large cross-section of people allowing her to serve a diverse clientele. Each presentation and program is customized to serve the needs of her clients and the audience.

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Nancy Matthews is the builder of a 100,000+ worldwide community. She is a 25+ year business owner and is known for her dynamic presentations filled with practical strategies, real-life applications and audience engagement for maximum impact.

She is on a mission to uplift and unite humanity through the depth and simplicity of The One Philosophy which she attributes as the key factor for her own rise from struggling single mother living paycheck to paycheck, to successful, sought after international speaker, leadership mentor and human behavior specialist.

Since her early years, she has worked to "Be The One" by stepping up, speaking out and leading the way to serve others. In her work as a board member and leader of numerous humanitarian initiatives including, Leaders Uniting for Global Good, The Water Bearers, JFC For You, Inc., and International Women’s Day, she champions causes that fulfill our most basic human needs, water, food and shelter, nourishing peoples’ bodies as well as their spirits.

Nancy is the  founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, a global enterprise dedicated to inspiring, supporting and educating women within a trusted network of professionals, and The People Skills Academy, providing personal and professional development classes in mastering the art of human connection. She is a multiple best-selling author, creator of 30+ courses and an in-demand high performance coach and consultant. 

Nancy has co-written a song, “Everyone’s The One”, with Fiz Anthony, is available on Amazon and YouTube, spreading the message of The One Philosophy through the universal language of music.

Nancy Matthews is the perfect speaker when you want to:

Create a shift in culture for greater inclusion, enhanced communication and team cohesiveness.
Accelerate your company's growth through more effective sales and marketing initiatives.
Elevate the energy and spirit of coopetition for your community.
Create win/win outcomes.
Have a wonderful time learning life-enhancing and business building tools.

Keynotes & Workshops

The Culture Cure: How to Build a Rock-Solid Organization

Discover the transformative power of The One Philosophy to create a thriving, cohesive organizational culture. This session delves into the core principles of valuing every individual, fostering genuine connections, and cultivating a sense of belonging. Learn practical strategies to implement these principles, boost team engagement, and build an unshakeable foundation for long-term success.

Taking It to the Top with The One Philosophy

Unlock your full potential and propel your organization to new heights with The One Philosophy. This dynamic session reveals how embracing principles of genuine connection, respect, diversity, and inclusion can drive exponential growth. Learn actionable techniques to enhance personal development, foster collaborative and inclusive environments, and achieve remarkable success both individually and collectively.

Vision, Values & Velocity: The Triple V Blueprint for Extraordinary Success

Propel your organization forward with the powerful synergy of Vision, Values, and Velocity.  This inspiring and engaging session unveils strategies to craft a compelling vision, anchor it in core values, and drive rapid, sustainable growth. Gain tools to unify your team, build a strong organizational culture, and achieve measurable results faster.

Mastering the Art of Sales & Marketing: Proven Strategies for Massive Growth

Learn and apply the anatomy of the sales process to cause your prospects to ask to buy from you. Magnetize your marketing materials and your strategy so that you are attracting more ideal clients who are eager to have the solution you provide.

Transforming Conversations Into Conversions

Unveil the secrets of the consultative sales process to revolutionize your approach to selling. Learn how to engage prospects with insightful, value-driven questions that build rapport and trust.  Become equipped with the skills to understand client needs deeply, offer tailored solutions, and achieve outstanding results.

Generating Quality Leads: The Blueprint for Sustainable Success

Unlock the strategies to attract and generate high-quality leads that convert. Learn how to identify your ideal prospects, craft compelling messages, and implement effective lead generation techniques. Build a robust pipeline that drives sustainable growth and maximizes your sales potential.

From Struggle to Profits: The Entrepreneur's 6-Figure Blueprint

Building a six-figure business doesn't have to be so hard. This training shows you how to get there with far less stress and way more free time and money. Discover how to start earning what you're worth, magnetize buyers with your irresistible offers and create a repeatable system for consistent results.

Be a No Drama Llama! How to Create a Drama-Free, Productive & Happy Life

The definitive method that helps high-achievers increase happiness and results for themselves and everyone around them. Learn how to handle people who push your buttons and discover the "go-to" tool to reclaim your cool no matter what gets you frazzled.

Abra Cadabra! Harnessing the Power of Words to Improve Your Life

Through this interactive experience we focus on how the quality of your words and language determines the quality of your life. You'll walk away with new insights and tools to create subtle shifts in your words that create big improvements in your results and your relationships.

How to Get People to do What You Want

This presentation focuses on how to use language to elicit desired outcomes. You'll learn how to give others the power of choice -- and they're choosing what you want them to; how to use "magic phrases" that get you more yesses, and the formula for magnetic messaging that inspires people to take action.

Balance Shmalance! Creating Harmony is the Real Deal

Say goodbye to the elusive pursuit of balance and discover how to create harmony in your life amidst the demands of family, career, and self-care. From her first-hand experience as a single mother living paycheck-to-paycheck, Nancy offers practical strategies to prioritize effectively, set boundaries, and nurture your well-being while thriving in every aspect of your life.

Conquering Imposter Syndrome & Owning Your Success

Break free from the chains of self-doubt and embrace your true potential. This session addresses the unique challenges women face with imposter syndrome, offering practical strategies to build confidence, recognize your achievements and step fully into your power. Transform your mindset and unlock the success you truly deserve.

Leading with Grace, Authenticity & Power

Step into your next level of leadership without compromising your authentic self. This inspiring session explores how to harness your unique feminine qualities to lead with confidence, empathy, and strength. Discover strategies for balancing compassion and boundaries while driving success staying true to your inherent values and style.


Nancy's presentation on The One Philosophy was the perfect conference opener. It created a culture of collaboration and connection that brought great value to our audience as well as to the overall intention for our event.

kym yancey

President of eWomenNetwork

Nancy does her homework. When we invited her to speak at our conference, we knew she would deliver great content to our attendees, but we had no idea as to how brilliant she was at incorporating our company's goals and objectives into her program.

event chair

ABC Supply Co.

HBL Resources established National Management Training Week and invited Nancy to speak at the inaugural conference. Nancy's presentation was exactly what the audience needed to bring back to their teams. The One Philosophy principles that you shared create team cohesiveness and connection in a new way, reminding team leaders and their employees what creates a truly great company ... the people!


CEO, HBL Resources, Inc.

Nancy's message of The One Philosophy creates a culture of connection, collaboration and appreciation. Combined with her warm and effervescent spirit, her presentation lights up the audience with practical strategies they can quickly and easily integrate into their lives. If you have the opportunity to book Nancy, do so and both you and your audience will be glad you did!

Shannon procise

CEO, Business Acceleration Network

What others are saying about Nancy Matthews & The One Philosophy


"With The One Philosophy author Nancy Matthews reminds us that everyone has the chance to be "The One"  through what they do for themselves and others. It's all about making the choice, doing the work and staying focused on the journey ahead. Just imagine the impact that could have on the world if we all chose to be The One!"

Cyrus Webb

Media Personality & Top 200 Amazon Reviewer


"Following the principles set forth in this book is the way we were meant to live and experience each other. It will result in a more abundant life for you and for those whose lives you touch."

Bob Burg

Co-Author of The Go-Giver


"After reading the book and applying the  principles, my team is flourishing. It is resonating through them to our clients and patients, and I love it!"

Jana Danielson, MBA

CEO of Lead Pilates & Lead Integrated Health Therapies


"This little book, The One Philosophy, sure does hold a big message...the secret to a fulfilled and purposeful life is to focus on serving others first. Thank you, Nancy Matthews, for highlighting this important code for living."

Sharon Lechter

Co-Author, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think & Grow Rich for Women


"This is a Universal message that aligns with the laws of attraction, faith, inspired action and cause and effect. I encourage everyone to get The One Philosophy. Read it. Study it, and then pay it forward and bless someone with it."

LaWanna Bradford

COO of The Bradford Group, LLC


"Conventional wisdom tells us not to judge a book by its cover. By reading this book you will realize how so much wisdom can be imparted into a small book."

Don Green, Executive Director

The Napoleon Hill Foundation


"The One Philosophy provides a path to a better life for every one of us, and it's so simple that even a child can apply the teachings. First and foremost, this philosophy is inclusive, which means that it will work for anyone. Yes,  regardless of age, race, religion, political stance, or any other way people sub-categorize themselves, following the six principles in this book can help us all live our best lives."

Duane Cummings

CEO & Founder at The Sensational Group



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