Re: More Than a Fan Letter – I’m on a Mission to Fulfill a Vision!

 Dear Bruce,

I’ve been a long-time fan and your music and lyrics have inspired me, touched my soul and lifted my spirit since the very first time I heard you in the mid 70’s through today (and next week when I’ll get to be at your shows in Sunrise and Tampa!)

I’ve wanted to reach out to you for some time now and share one of my many visions … to co-write a song with you based on my book The One Philosophy and as the icing on the cake … perform it with you and be featured on Jimmy Fallon’s show together!

So … “Who is this Nancy Matthews?”

A Visionary Speaker, Author, Teacher, Business Advisor.

I am living my passion and my purpose and people often ask,

“How do you keep going?  You do so much!”

 While watching your recent documentary, High Hopes, you summed it up perfectly …

 “What would make a man be willing to go out night after night and get drenched and exhausted?  There’s only one reason … he has to.”

I feel the same way about what I do … I have to!  Teaching, inspiring and having faith in people to be able to create a rewarding and abundant life because they understand they get to be in charge through the power of their faith and ability to control their thoughts.  With that understanding, the fun begins and we get to turn their passions into prosperous businesses that serve others!  Your music and lyrics remind us to dream – and then I work with people to bring those dreams to life and put their visions into action.

Music inspires, gets our energy flowing and activates our vibration.  My mission is to share the message of The One Philosophy far and wide to enhance our human interactions by learning to add value and bring appreciation and respect to every person we meet.  What better way than through the power of a song over the air waves?!

Here’s the premise of The One Philosophy:

To treat each and every person you meet as if they are “The One.” The One who could be your next best client, The One who could be your next best friend or true love, The One who will introduce you to Bruce Springsteen!

It is not about being opportunistic but rather, focusing on you being The One that treats people with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm as you would if you knew someone was The One.

Once you begin to treat others as if they are The One – something magical happens as you now become The One who reaches people at their most basic emotional yearning – to be seen, heard and reminded that they do matter.  In that space of appreciation people feel comfortable sharing their authentic selves and the synchronicities of being with each other are revealed.

Well, this was a little longer than I expected (and, it’s a big Vision and Mission!)  Thank you for being “The One” for me on so many levels already and I look forward to hearing back from you, seeing you next week, working together to create this new song and … being on The Tonight Show together!

With Enthusiasm, Excitement and Expectancy!

Nancy Matthews

P.S.  Here’s a link to a blog I wrote in 2012 when I saw the opening show of the Wrecking Ball Tour – “Rock ‘N Roll Personal Development” CLICK HERE

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