The One Philosophy:
Being The One who treats everyone they meet as The One.

One of the core principles of The One Philosophy is owning your life with 100% responsibility.

Over the years as I’ve shared The One Philosophy the pure meaning and intent of the message has gotten muddled.  For some time I thought,

Well I can’t help it if some people interpret the meaning to be more about finding The One instead of BEING The One.  If that’s the lens that they see life through, how can I control that?”


As I seek to fully embody the principles of The One Philosophy … and own my life with 100% responsibility, I must own that if the message was muddled — it is my responsibility that it got muddled and to also create clarity of the message and meaning.

I must do everything within my power to clear up the confusion and consistently demonstrate that The One Philosophy is about BEING The One for others without any expectation of them (or anyone else) being The One for you.

Upon reflection, I can now see how my intention and meaning got twisted at times.  You see, the essence is that our purpose is to BE THE ONE for others.  To show up with a servant’s spirit and seek to contribute and add value in every encounter.  We are to be the cause of love, contribution and appreciation — that’s it and that’s where our attention and intention should be.

Where the message got off track was when I would speak about BEING THE ONE (the cause) and also the resulting effect that occurs when you lead your life by being The One.   Although it is never my intention to give for the purpose of getting nor to teach that is the reason to be The One, this conversation has at times shifted the focus from cause to effect, i.e. from Being the One to Finding The One.  I shared about the effect of BEING THE ONE from a place of delighted surprise as in, “How cool is this?  All we need to do is show up as The One for others and as if by magic, The Ones show up for us.”  The magic is sparked by giving, serving, unconditional love, gratitude and faith – without attachment and expectation.

Today I ask forgiveness for the times the message about The One Philosophy got muddled and landed as about finding The One rather than being The One.

For clarity here are the core principles of  The One Philosophy which are meant to serve and support you in being The One for others:

living the way of the one principles

Thankfully, there are many people who do get the pure meaning of The One Philosophy and I was joyfully reminded of this last weekend by LaRonda Robinson, Founder of Vision for Jamaica.  LaRonda recalled the story of when we first met and she heard me speak about The One Philosophy and shared what it means to her,

“The One Philosophy is about treating every person you meet with love and respect.  Giving them your full attention and showing up to see how you can bring value to their life.  Whether it’s a random person on the street, in the store or at a business meeting, the goal of living The One Philosophy is always to BE The One for others.”

I invite you to step into your day today (and tomorrow as well) and ask, “How can I be The One for others today?”

With Love, Light & Gratitude,

Nancy Matthews



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