You’re taking lots of action.  Doing so many things, yet, not getting the results you want (and deserve.)  You ask yourself “What is going on?!?!?!?

Hundreds of people have had HUGE results with the 30 Day Course “Receiving Your Riches” which is a 30 day course where in just 15 minutes per day I take you step by step through the book written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich.  I, myself have done the course several times (and every time I do receive riches in my bank account, my spirit and in my relationships) and yesterday I began a new 30 day commitment.

This morning as I completed Chapter 2 and throughout the Chapter he speaks about doing things in a certain way.  While he provides a description and some examples, there appears to be a missing link for many in being able to really define and then begin acting in a certain way.  Here are the components of efficient action in doing things in a certain way:

Efficient Action:

  1. Always do your best in each given moment, in each given situation.  This is your personal best effort so that in each situation you more than fill your present place.  Refrain from comparing yourself to others and know that if you do your best in each action, you are acting in the certain way that leads to riches.
  2. Have each of your actions be of a positive and increasing nature, adding value to the people around you that you are working with, customers you are serving and/or life in general.  Refrain from actions which are negative or seek to take away from others, always seek to leave a situation or a conversation better because of the positive energy and value you bring to it.
  3. Give more in use value than you receive in cash value.  Your goal is not to create just a fair deal, but rather a deal where the other person feels that they received more than they expected.
  4. In each small action that you perform recognize that it is part in the bigger picture.  Each individual activity you are doing serves your overall purpose and goals.  For example,
    • Sorting through email allows me to be of service to others in responding to their inquiries, providing my programs, services and assistance and my email is filled with opportunities awaiting my discovery.
    • Paying my electric bill allows me to have light, air conditioning and a computer so I can write, teach, learn and connect with others.
  5. Be thoughtful and mindful during each action, paying attention to the energy you put into each activity.
    • How are you feeling when you’re paying your bills?  If you feel constricted, notice your thoughts and shift to the long term impact of what you are receiving in exchange for payment.
    • How are you feeling when you reach out on the phone to make your follow up phone calls?  Are you excited and looking forward to deepening a connection with someone and discovering how you can be “The One’s” for each other?

I trust this helps in your journey and invite you to join me in this new 30 day immersion to Receiving Your Riches!  (CLICK HERE if you don’t already have the course.)

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