Are You Trick or Treating in Your Business? 

The concept behind ‘Trick or Treating’ is to exhort a treat from someone with the threat of giving them a trick if they don’t give you a treat.

As I recall my childhood experiences of trick or treating, running from house to house with eager anticipation of filling up my pillow case full of candy (yes, back in the day we used pillow cases to collect our treats), I only remember the ‘Treat’ part and not the tricks.  I approached each door with a huge smile, a costume to entertain the homeowner and the expectation of getting a treat.  I never had to resort to tricking anyone.  It was a fair exchange.  I showed up to entertain them and add value to their evening and in return they gave me a treat.

Relating Trick or Treating to business, making sales calls and follow up calls I began to wonder… Are we trick or treating in our businesses?  Are we making those connection calls with the intention of adding value to them or are we making those connections just to add value (make a sale) to ourselves?  If we don’t get the sale, how do we treat the other person?  Do we continue to stay in touch with them, looking for ways to help or support them?  Is the connection call a true treat… showing up to entertain and add value to the other person, or is it merely a trick – making a connection with them so YOU can receive the treat?

Let’s leave the tricks to magicians and keep our focus on the treats.  The more you bring treats to other people, the more treats will come your way.

Happy Halloween!  May your pillowcase be filled with lots of treats!

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