Does even the subject of selling turn you off?  Consider this, sales comes into play in ALL areas of your life, whether you’re meeting someone for the first time, asking for a raise at work, selling a house or any other product.  It all involves YOU – creating a relationship with the other person and developing trust and rapport.

Let’s take a good look at what selling really is and have it be a powerful technique for getting more of what you want in your life!

Are you really in the sales business?  No – you’re in the people business. Whatever you want in your life has to come from other people. Whether it’s service at a restaurant, the client to do business with you, your family and friends to do what you want, it all involves people.

5 Keys to Success in Sales

1.  Be committed to your idea, product or service and have full faith and belief in what you are offering.

2.  Ask for what you want!  You may have done a great job expressing your idea, product or service, but unless you give the other person the instruction of what you want them to do – they don’t know it!  Be sure to ask for what you want.

3.  It’s okay to toot your own horn.  Share stories from past clients and experiences and how happy they were with what you had to offer.

4.  Be Unique.  You are uniquely you – let it shine! Don’t worry about telling it right or perfect, once you’ve followed steps 1 through 3, your uniqueness will shine through.  Add your own special flair to your presentation.

5.  Follow-Up Forever.  Some people take time to make decisions, others respond quickly.  If you didn’t get what you want the first time out, remember IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!  Ask for permission to follow-up with them and then – actually do so.  “I understand you need some time to digest all this, would you like me to follow up with you next Monday or would Tuesday be better?”

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