I have learned to trust my intuition (i.e. my ‘Gut’) to give me guidance, lead me in the right direction and, to my delight, the more I pay attention and listen to my intuition, the more my life seems to operate in that magical place I refer to as in the flow.

This wasn’t always easy for me and it is a continuous process of learning, letting go of fear and moving forward in faith.  I can remember so many times when I didn’t follow my intuition and didn’t trust my inner voice and as a result, I wasn’t happy with the outcomes of those decisions.  I know of course, that each experience I’ve had brings me to the place I am today and that those experiences serve me best by reflecting upon them with the intention of learning from them.

As I have grown and learned to trust myself and my intuition, opportunities appear ‘out of the blue,’  and the path to my goals and dreams is like travelling in the fast lane building speed with the momentum of synchronicity as the right people, places and things are brought to me.  And, the best part … every day I get to feel the joy, delight and excitement with the continuous occurrence of these magical miracle moments!

Would you like to live more in the flow?  Learning to listen to your inner GPS and following your intuition is like a magic key that opens the door to your most delightful and amazing life!

As I began today’s article, I went to Dictionary.com to find the definition of ‘Intuition’ and there were several variations of the definition, all of which carried the following thread:

“Knowledge or belief obtained neither by reason nor by perception.”

Well no wonder following my intuition was challenging for me!  I love to reason things through, to find the logical order of things, to understand with certainty all the pros and cons before moving forward. Taking action without it being backed by reasoning went against my years of training.

**Ah-Ha Moment** 

Since my trained response to an idea or a thought is to back it up with reason before taking action, the critical piece in this equation is the ‘reason’ I attach to and associate with the thought or idea.  BUT, what if the reason I attach to the thought or idea (which then becomes the basis for the action I take action) is based on faulty data?

For example, let’s say I have a thought of a friend I haven’t spoken to in a long time.  I now have to choose what to do with this thought – either ignore it or pursue it by reaching out to connect with them.  Then my reasoning kicks in:

“I’m too busy and don’t have time for chit chat.”

“They’re probably busy and don’t have time for me.”

“They’ll think I’m nuts just calling out of the blue like this.”

That reasoning would lead me to ignore the thought and take no action to get in touch with them.  That reasoning is based on faulty data that has its root in discounting the thought or idea (of course, we could go a lot deeper on the roots, but will save that for another day).

That reasoning would have caused me to miss out on so many opportunities to connect, laugh, and bring a little sunshine into someone’s life and thousands of dollars into my bank account!

Now, let’s look at reasoning that begins with the belief that the thought or idea itself is the reason to take action!   This theory turns dictionary.com around as follows:

“Knowledge or belief that occurs as the reason for further action.”

Here’s a simple and amazing example of how following my intuition brought me exactly what I wanted the other day.

On Friday I was with my daughter in Tallahassee at her FSU Orientation.  Our plan was to be together for the first session, and then I would leave and go meet with some clients and new friends in Tallahassee.  After the first session ended and we went our separate ways, I was feeling a bit of Mommy guilt “Should I be staying here all day?  Will she be okay? I wish I could see her before I leave just to check in.”

I left the main ballroom, amid the crowd of thousands of parents and students and my daughter was nowhere in sight. I followed the crowd and was headed out to my car when the woman in front of me turned into the bathroom and I intuitively followed her.  I didn’t really need to use the bathroom but just went with the flow (no pun intended).  As soon as I stepped through the door there was my daughter!  Happily scurrying to her next session with a girl she already made friends with.  “You’re good, Meg?”  “Yes, I’m great — see ya later!”

Wow!  How about that?  I chuckled to myself and gave thanks for trusting my intuition, not knowing the reason why I was going into the bathroom when I didn’t really need to go.  The thought to go into the bathroom was the reason! I followed the intuition and it brought about what I really wanted, that is to see my daughter before I left the building.  If I had ‘reasoned’ through this thought, I would have not gone into the bathroom – after all, I didn’t have to go – and I would not have seen my daughter!

Are you following your intuition?  Do you discount or fail to take action on some ideas or thoughts because they seem illogical or you can’t find the reasons to back up the ideas? Consider that the idea itself is the reason to take action in the direction of the thought.

The example with my daughter is just one of the many magical moments I enjoy when I am in the flow, trusting my inner voice, taking action on inspired thoughts and ideas and not reasoning my way out of them.

As I mentioned at the top of this article, learning to trust my intuition and listen to my inner voice is a continuous process of letting go and having faith.   Join me this Wednesday for my FREE Tele-Class “Wow Wednesdays” when I’ll be sharing how you can increase your magical moments by tuning into the best advisor … yourself!

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Intuition – Living in the Flow 

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