What Do Your Customers REALLY Want?

The #1 Question for Businesses 

To have a successful business you have got to have lots of customers and, lots of happy customers.  Happy customers will gladly send you referrals, come back time and time again and become the lifeblood of your business.

So how do you acquire those happy customers?  You find out what they want and then, you provide it and serve them better than anyone else has ever done.  Michael Gerber (author of “The E-Myth” and numerous other business classics) says:

 “There is only one justifiable reason for creating a company; to serve someone else’s desire better than anyone else has ever done.”

 I love that he uses the word ‘desire’ in this description.  Desire is defined as “a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment.” When you approach your business as serving someone else’s desire rather than selling what you have to offer, the tables are turned and pointed in the right direction.  To zero in on your customer’s desires, take a few minutes now and consider:

  1. What satisfaction will my customer have from using my product (or service)?
  2. What enjoyment will it bring to their life?
  3. What dissatisfaction have they felt in the past with others who provide the same type of products and services?
  4. What frustrations or challenges are they experiencing that my product or service can alleviate?
  5. How can I be “The One” to serve them better than anyone else has ever done?

If you’re in business and you’ve studied marketing, client acquisition or worked with business coaches, I’m sure you’ve been directed to focus on the benefits rather than simply the features to engage and attract clients.  I’ve discovered in working with thousands of business owners that the bridge from features to benefits is often times hard to travel.  The above questions will help you get to the heart of the matter and really identify your customer’s desires so that you can properly express the benefits of working with you and then, serve them better than anyone else has ever done!


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