Every year when I take down my Christmas decorations invariably there’s something I miss.  The boxes are packed up, ready to go into storage and then I see it and say “Ugh, how did I miss that?” A little frustrated that I thought I was done with the work, I take it down and perform yet another scan of the entire house wondering “What else did I miss.”

A couple of years ago what I missed was my Christmas Clock, the one that plays a different holiday song every hour on the hour and it wasn’t until about a week after I put everything away that I discovered it.  At the time I thought, “Oh well, I’ll get to it later.”  As the days and weeks passed (and I never got to it), the familiar holiday songs played on and I realized that each time a song played it lifted my spirit and feelings of joy and love filled my heart.  Why would I want to pack that away and wait until the following year to enjoy this experience?  And so it is, The Christmas Clock is a permanent fixture in our home!

One of my favorite moments now is when someone new comes to my home, hears the music in the middle of May and says “Was that Christmas music?”  Not quite sure of whether they’re crazy or I am, I reply “Yes it is!  I love Christmas music, don’t you?”  (Of course I know that by December 26th most people are sick of hearing the same songs on the radio and in every store and elevator and happily put it out of their minds until the following December – oh wait, the stores start marketing in October for December now.)

What’s the point of sharing this story with you?

At the holidays there’s a universal elevated level of love, happiness and joy.  New Year’s Day approaches and most of us begin to create our plans, goals and aspirations for the coming year, leaving behind the disappointments and frustrations of the prior year.  We are infused with an overwhelming sense of hope and possibility, which I believe comes in large part from all of the love and joy we shared during the holidays – and from the music.

Take yourself now back to the beginning of this year.  To the feeling of certainty that this was going to be your year, to the feelings of excitement and hope that inspired you to set some really big goals.  The energy and enthusiasm you had was sparked and supported by all the love you felt, by the love you shared and yes, by the music.  We were all singing the same songs, lyrics filled with gratitude, music that danced across our hearts inviting memories of all of our holiday celebrations through the years.

As we are mid-way through the year I know that some people have hit their goals, some have exceeded them and some have met with obstacles, challenges and frustrations that derailed those goals and burst their bubbles of hope and possibility.  Let’s come together now in this moment and create that universal elevated level of love, happiness and joy and share it with each other.  Let’s get re-excited and re-ignite our dreams and play some holiday music!

I love my Christmas Clock!  When the clock strikes one and I hear “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” my subconscious is triggered and my spirit is lifted.  Thanks to my Christmas Clock I am consistently reminded of the feeling of joy and excitement that I feel during the holidays.

Why would I want to pack this away and wait until next year to feel this overwhelming sense of universal love and happiness?

What can you do today to infuse your spirit and your heart with the sense of excitement, hope and possibility that you felt on New Year’s Day?

What reminder or trigger can you create to keep you consistently connected to that feeling?  These are the feelings that inspire us to dream, to believe and to move forward in action filled with faith that this in fact is our time to shine and have our dreams come true!

Last year as we were putting up the holiday decorations the Christmas Clock struck on the hour and played “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and my daughter said “Look Mom, the clock is relevant now.”  I chuckled and thought, “Yes it’s relevant now and how I love to keep the spirit of love and excitement relevant every day, not just on Christmas.”

Season’s Greetings My Friends!  Enjoy now one of my favorite holiday songs!







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