March Madness? Stop the Madness!!!

By Nancy Matthews

Oh yes, I know it’s “March Madness” and you’re about to see all kinds of promotional marketing loaded with March Madness special deals.  As a marketer it’s great to tie your content to what’s relevant, catchy and on the lips and minds of people BUT (and yes, I did say but), wouldn’t you agree that there’s enough “Madness” in the world?

Working closely with business owners in this rapidly changing business landscape, the main challenges they express are (1) information overload (2) exhaustion and confusion from trying to keep up with the latest trends in social media and marketing (3) staying focused on their mission and purpose in contrast to keeping their business afloat.  If you’re feeling any of these challenges, take a moment now to “Stop the Madness” and apply these proven strategies

  1. Information Overload –  Before opening that email or clicking on a link that sparks your curiosity, ask yourself this question “Is this information likely to bring me closer to my goal and in alignment with my mission?”   Gain control of your time by scheduling time for exploration, research and inquiry (rather than allowing yourself to be consistently interrupted).
  2. Social Media Madness – We know that social media marketing is the hottest topic.  The exhaustion and confusion sets in because  just when you figure out the best way to manage it, ‘They’ make changes (i.e. Facebook timeline); ‘They’ add a new ‘hot site’ (i.e. Pinterest and Klout).  Alert:  To have success with social media you don’t  need to be on ALL of the sites, you need to be on the site that’s best for your business!  Get advice from trusted experts in the industry before you waste hours of time and lots of energy in places that won’t bring your desired results.  We have lined up 5 trusted experts to facilitate a Mastermind series where you can learn which are the best outlets for you and your business and learn how to use them properly!  (For details go to: .)
  3. Mission and Purpose – This truly is the driving force for your business and your profits.  Do you have a mission statement?  Can you recite it without reading it?  If not – stop the madness now and create your mission statement and read it every day!  Place it prominently on your walls, your screen saver, in your car so that your purpose is infused into every action you take, every client you see and every prospect you meet.

March on this month with a commitment to “Stop the Madness!” Slow down, step back and reflect.  Let the winds of March fill the air of your business with a fresh approach that causes you to fly!

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity!

Nancy Matthews

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