The course I created “Receiving Your Riches” is a 30 day guided course through the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.  This book had such a profound and profitable effect on ME, when I took the time to go through it slowly, thoughtfully and consciously integrating the principles into my way of being that I knew I had to find a way to share it with as many people as possible.  The course “Receiving Your Riches” is the result of this divine inspiration. The course has gone on to help hundreds of people who have gone through the process, including stories I received just this week:

  • From only a couple of hundred dollars in the bank and loads of debt to depositing $39,000 into her bank within the 30 days;
  • From searching for employment for 2 years, to having an “Ah-Ha” moment on day 3 of the course and on day 4, getting a job offer from a resume she sent out 7 months ago!
  • From having a Facebook Page with 1,500 fans to having over 19,000 – mostly from just 1 post!

The list of the prosperity and riches received by my students goes on and on — and you may be thinking “HOW did that happen? The thing is — the HOW isn’t as important WHO they were being to create and bring about these amazing results.  This is what this course centers on … Who are you being? What are your thoughts and emotions directing your life (and your riches).

As I was reviewing Chapter 3 this morning (yes, I still practice and integrate these principles daily), and after a coaching session with a client yesterday, I knew I had to share this powerful technique with you that enables you to shift from fear to faith (and receiving!)

From The Science of Getting Rich – Chapter 3 – Is Opportunity Monopolized?

This chapter reminds us that there IS enough to go around! I share this process to support you in moving from fear to faith to receiving your riches!

Step 1: The moment that feelings of fear, scarcity or desperation show up:

–     Recognize and become aware of what you’re feeling.

–     Recognize that those emotions are based upon projections of what might happen in the future or of what has happened in the past.

–     Remember that your emotions are not your reality

Step 2: Pause, breathe and get present.

–     Look at the things in your surroundings – your desk, your chair, the tables, the trees, the sky, the people all around you.

–     Now, notice the space, the air (the invisible supply) between those things.

“Original substance (the invisible supply) is alive with creative energy, and is constantly producing forms.”

 “The formless stuff responds to the needs of mankind; it will not let the world be without any good thing.”

Step 3: What are the good things you want?

Fear and desperation cause your thoughts to focus on the things you don’t want.  What we think about comes about.  Shift your thinking from fear to faith.

–       First, breathe … Ahhhhhh…

–       Think about the things you want to be, do and have

–       What is your ideal and desired outcome for the situation that caused you to feel fear or lack? See yourself on the other side of the situation.  Picture it in your mind, see yourself having an easy conversation, great communication with the persons involved, making the sale, depositing the money in the bank, whatever you would like to have happen.

–       How does it feel to have the desired outcome be realized?

Step 4:  Now, WHO do you need to be to create that desired outcome?

  • You add value to the lives of others just by being you and with your unique blend of gifts and talents.
  • You know that there is a lesson and gift in every circumstance and seek for the lesson to be revealed to serve you and your highest good.
  • You are confident and have faith that everything always works out for my highest and best.
  • You enter the situation from a place of love – for yourself and for the other people involved.

Trust, believe and take this empowering, positive feeling back into the situation.

While you may not be able to control the outcome, you are able to control how you show up in the situation.

When you are being your best self, the best result always occurs.

To learn more about this course CLICK HERE and allow yourself to Receive The Riches that are waiting to be delivered to you!

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