I noticed over the weekend that my energy got zapped from watching and reading the news (for the purpose of being informed) on the rapidly changing landscape.

So…once I became aware of this undercurrent what did I do?

I RE-TURNED to God to:

  • Keep me informed (what I need to know)
  • Keep me listening (what I need to do)
  • Keep me guided (what I will next do)

Then, this morning I got this message (which I presume is for me and whoever comes upon this post as well)

“There is a master plan Nancy and you’re taken care of. Just keep doing your part and bring your questions to me.

I will always answer your questions.

I am your road map through the streets filled with pot holes and detours.

I am your light to see through the darkness.

I am your father, loving you, protecting you and always by your side.

The way to see me is with love and faith.

The vibration of love is like a magnet that unlocks the treasure chest filled with your greatest life experiences.

Faith is finding strength through challenging times to move from hurt, fear, worry or anger and return to love, knowing that LOVE is always the answer.”

nancy matthews prayer hands

Sending love to you today and always.


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