Do you ever get downloads from God (Universe | Spirit)?

You probably hear people talk about that.

  • Oh, I got this download of an idea and I’m going to go do this
  • And I got a download and I’m going to write a new book
  • I got a download and I’m going to start a new business.

Well, I was just doing an interview and we were talking about downloads.

You know, those downloads that come, inspired ideas that show up when you give yourself the opportunity to be quiet enough. And as we were talking about these downloads, here’s something I realized …

You’re probably getting downloads all the time, but your hard drive is full!

So, let’s think about that.

We need to clear out our disk space, that disk space in our minds. It might be filled with  fear, doubt, worry, negativity, feeling stuck, thinking you can’t do something or don’t know how. If your hard drive is filled with those things, you could be running out of disk space for downloads.

What to do about this? Take up a daily practice of clearing out your hard drive. Clear out negative thoughts, negative patterns, judgments about yourself or judgments about others, and create the space for those divine downloads to come in.

As the author of The One Philosophy and co-founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, and I am on a mission with a vision to create a world where everyone treats each other as The One.

Now think about. Imagine if everywhere you went, people were happy and eager to meet you, to find out who you are, what’s important to you, and what matters. A world where everyone treats each other as The One – with that same level of enthusiasm and excitement that we get when we think we’re in the presence of The One.

We were created to work together to accomplish our visions and carry them out and have our visions actually collide and intersect with each other so that we could do great, great things and improve the world bit by bit. And all of that starts right here. It starts with how I think about you.

So, the next person you meet, even if you have some difference of opinion or a disagreement, look for the things you have in common. You’re both wanting more happiness, more love, more connection, more belonging. Let’s create a world together where everyone treats each other as The One, and the work for that starts right here.

It starts with clearing out that hard drive of fears, negativities, doubts, and judgments. Both judgments about yourself as well as others – so that you can create the space for divine downloads and divine connections.

Be aware of what’s taking up space on your hard drive and until next time, make it a great day and get out there and be The One who treats everyone you meet as The One.

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