Are You a Good Listener?

Last year I was the guest speaker at a Regional Conference for Jafra Cosmetics and had the honor of being introduced by Ann Fetters, a veteran Jafra consultant and an amazing woman and leader.  I had given Ann my standard bio to introduce me and was surprised and delighted when she deviated from the standard and shared from her heart:  “One of Nancy’s greatest gifts is her ability to listen, to fully give you her attention, whether you’re with her one on one or in a group with hundreds of people.  When you’re with Nancy, she’s totally with you.”

Wow, I was blown away! I hadn’t realized the far reaching impact that my commitment to being a good listener had on others.  For me, being a good listener stems from my overall philosophy in life that every person we meet is put in our path either for us to learn something or to teach something.  That every person we meet could be “The One” and that I’m committed to being “The One” for them … and sometimes that simply means helping them realize that they are “The One” and reminding them of their own special gifts and unique talents.

Being “The One” and discovering “The One’s” in your life begins with listening to each other, being fully present in your conversations and keeping your focus on the other person.  I know that this can be difficult at times, especially in our fast paced society, where we are all too often rushing through each moment so we can scratch off all the items on our “To Do” lists, hit our goals and objectives and reach the pinnacle of success.  I invite you today to find success in each moment by demonstrating true care and concern for the people you’re with – in your family, among your friends, with your clients, customers and prospects.

A simple shift in perspective to being “The One” who fully listens to others will bring big rewards in every area of your life.

  • Be “The One” in your family who truly listens to your spouse, your children and your siblings and discover a deeper relationship based upon mutual respect and appreciation.
  • Be “The One” in business who fully listens to what your clients and customers want and be “The One” to serve their needs better than anyone else.
  • Be “The One” at the networking event who listens first, who asks questions that allow you to discover the uniqueness and brilliance of the person you’re meeting.
  • Be “The One” in the grocery store, the restaurant or the elevator who tunes in and listens to them and actually cares about the answer to “How are you today?”

We’re all familiar with Ghandi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  I invite you today to “Be The One” you want to meet in the world and experience everyone you meet as “The One,” because in reality … they are.

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity … Creating a Space for Your Infinite Possibilities!

Nancy Matthews




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