An Unexpected Gift At Walmart

by Guest Writer: Karen Mayfield (

Yesterday we went to Walmart, as we were walking in I noticed this young couple sitting outside the front door, they had their guitar two backpacks, and a sack of bottled water. I didn’t pay to much attention but I did notice them. As soon as I walked into Walmart the air inside was so cold I decided to go back outside and sit in a rocking chair until the shopping was over. The rocking chair was about 15 feet from the bench where the young couple was sitting. Me being who I am and most likely will talk to anyone, soon had the young couple engaged in a conversation. My first comment was it was just too cold inside for me to be shopping, their reply was we just got in from the northern part of the United States. I said why were you there and their reply was we have been hitch hiking all over the U.S.,  to which I replied, that would have been something I would have done in my twenties.

Here is the meat of the story:  Now visualize this they have tattoes, body piercings everywhere, she is part asian, he is probably from the Islands somewhere, and they graduated from Stanford University in January. They could not find a job so they decided to just hitchhike across the U.S. and write a book about their journey. I was so captivated by their conversation. Their stories were amazing, their purpose for the entire process was to see how people would treat them or judge them from their appearance.

Their first title for the book was going to be Vagabond-which I quickly told them NO WAY, you are not Vagabonds, your book needs to be titled Thumbs UP A story of Hitch hiking across the America’s..

The entire process made that one of the best trips I have ever taken at Walmart…The moral of the story is: GOD made it so cold inside I had to leave so I could meet the lovely couple outside, I’m sorry for all of those people who walked by them and judged them for how they looked or what they were wearing, they were not criminals they were college graduates…

This I know GOD works in mysterious ways-Only if you think he is a mystery…Once again the encounter confirmed Judgment is MINE Says the LORD.
Thank you GOD for another GOD moment…(KM)

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