Wait a second — isn’t that backwards (or sideways)?  Well, I suppose some would think so and that is ‘the norm’.  For me, as a Visionary with Guts, I know that the success I’ve achieved, the fun that I’ve had and the exciting surprises and opportunities that have come my way did not happen as the result of being ‘normal.’  In fact, often times people think I’m nuts — and I say, “Yes, I may be nuts, so what?  I’ve got the guts to go for what I want.”

Here’s my perspective (albeit sideways) on Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ready:  Sometimes we can spend too much time getting ready, wanting to have every single detail figured out, 12 different ‘what if’ scenarios thought out and planned for, believing that everything has to be absolutely perfect before we take aim and fire.  While I believe that preparation is essential, having to know every single detail isn’t and sometimes, despite all our best efforts and preparation, life throws a curve ball and something completely unexpected throws our plans awry.   “We plan and God laughs.”

The magic and accomplishments that come from consistently moving forward with your plans and dreams is a simple shift from ‘getting’ready to BEING ready.  Being ready stems from your core.  Being ready is a combination of your knowledge and practical action steps infused with faith and trust that if there are other things that you need, they will come to you as long as you’re IN ACTION.  If you stay in the place of ‘getting’ ready without taking action to move forward, you can cut off the supply of opportunities that are waiting for you.  You’ve got to step out and take action, trusting yourself and the Universe to conspire in your favor.

Aim:  Setting your sights upon the goal or target, focusing.   Actually, for me this is the first and most important step.  In order to achieve a goal, you’ve got to have a goal in mind and keep it at the forefront of your mind at all times taking consistent action moving toward the target.

Fire:  Go For It!  Often times people are afraid to fire because they’re afraid they’ll miss the mark.  The underlying question is “So what if you miss the mark?”  Does that define you, does that stop you from adjusting, course correcting, re-examining your target and firing again?  We will only know if we hit the mark by taking action and firing!  I remember when I delivered one of my first public speaking presentations (which I was quite nervous about beforehand and had put off for months ‘getting’ ready), I came home that evening and my son asked how it went.  I told him not well and I felt like I had failed, and he said (in his infinite 18 year old wisdom) “You didn’t fail Mom, you’re not quitting are you?”  Ah, from the mouths of babes!  I hold those words in my mind every time I go after something new and fire — knowing that I can keep firing until I hit the target!

Did you notice the common thread in all three?  A-C-T-I-O-N!

  • Take action and move from getting ready to being ready.
  • Take action and aim for the target at all times.
  • Take action and FIRE!  Go for it.  Waiting for everything to be absolutely perfect before taking action can cause you to miss out on wonderful opportunities, surprising outcomes and actually … even more than you originally aimed for!

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