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Website & Marketing Related

A Few Words About Websites

Definitions / Analogies for Better Understanding.

Your Domain Name is like the address for your house.

Hosting is like the street on the internet highway where your domain will be located.

Next, you've got to pick a frame (i.e. the four walls) for your house.  My preferred frame is WORDPRESS (there are many others, including custom sites built by developers, Joomla, Droople and many others whose names I don't even know!)

Once you pick your frame, then it's time to design the interior ... that's the THEME that will run on your website.

WORDPRESS is my preferred frame for several reasons:

  1. It's the one I know best (and therefore, the one I can offer you the most support around).
  2. Because of its huge popularity, most web designers are familiar with it and they can help you too.
  3. There are tons of different themes, plugins and additional resources you can use that easily integrate with WORDPRESS because it's so popular.

OPTIMIZE PRESS is my preferred theme for the following reasons:

  1. For as little as a one time fee of $97 you get licensed to use this theme on up to 3 sites.  (They have larger packages if you want more.)
  2. They offer great video training inside their customer portal (yes, there's a learning curve and most of the answers you want are at your fingertips.)
  3. Customer support has been responsive, usually in less than 24 hours.
  4. And the main reason ... they make it so easy to stay current with the most effective (i.e. highly converting) web pages.  Loaded with templates and structure to set up your blog, opt in pages, sales pages, testimonials, pay buttons and so much more!
  5. And ... all of their sites are mobile ready!  Which means they are optimized to be viewed on desktop, laptop, smart phones and tablets.

Website Creation Resources

Use for the purchase of Domain Names and Web Hosting (Less than $10/month)

Regarding web hosting they offer two plans:

  • Hatchling - the least expensive BUT it can only be used to host one website (domain name)
  • Baby - for just a few dollars more this account allows you to host unlimited websites (domain names).

**Hosting many domain names with the Baby plan is great, however, if you have too many (i.e. more than 5, the load time of your site can be affected ... it will be slower).


Optimize Press:  My favorite WordPress Theme (Price $97)

  • For one time fee of $97 you get licensed to use it on up to 3 websites.
  • Easily create web pages that POP and CONVERT.
  • Mobile Ready -- that means people can easily read your pages on all mobile devices (as well as desktops and laptops).
  • Great video tutorials to help you set it up.

List Building and Email Marketing

AWeber (From $19/month)

I've used and tested this system for myself and some clients.  It provides a less expensive solution than 1 Shopping Cart AND ... it's easy to use.  They have great video tutorials and a step by step process as you build each campaign.

  • Lead capture - creating optin forms for your website.
  • Email follow up with an auto-responder series.
  • Selling products online - easily link your paypal or merchant account so you can make money online.
  • You can create lists and segment your future email campaigns.
  • Affiliates - I'm not sure whether AWeber has affiliate set up functionality.

The Mac Daddy ... Infusionsoft (From $199/month + Set Up Fee)

Infusionsoft is surely the Mac Daddy of email marketing, online shopping carts, contact management system and building marketing campaigns.  This one is really for the super savvy marketer who has or plans to build a huge list and wants access to a robust contact management system.  There's quite a learning curve, although they do provide online video tutorials as well as training both virtually and in person events.

Go ahead and sign up for the demo at the link AND let's have a discussion before you choose this option to see if it's the right fit for you at the right time.

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